Wednesday, July 23, 2008

:: moment(s) of affirmation ::

I can admit that like most Christians I wait for this moment. The moment when by affirmation or encouragement through people or pastors or leaders I feel the smile of God, confirming that I'm in the place He wants me to be. When someone would say "Meagan, God is pleased with you." Or even when by some divine, tear-shedding encounter with Jesus I audibly hear his voice. Like some, having grown up in the church, I think I've been "trained" to wait for that prophetic moment, or some public applause.

This morning I got up and, in the busyness of my morning, began to ponder the promises of God for my life that have been both accomplished and frustrated. In the middle of my prayer of "have your way in me today" I realized, maybe more than ever before, that this moment I wait for time and time again, is found in the moment I wake up each and every day. The warm sun giving a "good morning!" What an assurance that I'm right where I need to be; alive, for one :), and walking in step with the leading of the Holy Spirit. His mercies and graces are new each day; His love and faithfulness are steadfast. My faith response every day should be "YOUR GRACE IS ENOUGH FOR ME!" More than by feeling, I love my Savior for who he is THROUGH me.

.:Ps 91:1-3:.

"What a beautiful thing, God, to give thanks, to sing an anthem to you, the High God!
To announce your love each daybreak,
sing your faithful presence all through the night,
Accompanied by dulcimer and harp,
the full-bodied music of strings."

I know this is not a great epiphany, but I believe intertwined in the beauty of grace are the gentle reminders to wait and be still and know that He is God in my ministry, my health, my relationships, and my destiny. He is God over the promises and prophecies spoken, and mighty to restore, encourage, and complete.

.:Ps 92:4-8:.

"You made me so happy, God
I saw your work and I shouted for joy.
How magnificent your work, God!
How profound your thoughts!"


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

:: aaand YOU'RE done... ::

:: the wind-up ::
ever had that on of those moments... the real funny ones that you so desperately want to share with someone? Of course you have, so you do the whole head-thrown-back-in-laughter right into the quick-look-around, face frozen in a giant smile, for a receiving pair of eyes that just experienced the same moment??

yes. i have them often and yet, somehow, i rarely find those eyes.

:: the explanation ::
Instead, you meet a pair of eyes looking at you like you're making a weird face at them [ok, so those are common with laughter] and it's as if they've never seen you before [maybe because you're making such a weird face.]
...and you try to explain. Everyone does it. You start out in the stage of a mumbled mess of words in between chuckles, then it dies down into a fading smile and a quiet voice, until you finally cough to suppress the gargling sound coming from your mouth- and look the other way.

:: the moment has passed ::
aka:: "retreat"
you failed. now they're confused. lately i've decided it's just too much work to explain; because if you do, it BETTER be funny. it's not even funny by now. I like to resort to the slight smile, the quick wave of the hand, and the change of subject.

aaand you're done.

..thank goodness that moment has passed.

:: first post ::

"Welcome to the world of blogging!"
Thank you! Here it is, I've officially given in. Actually, besides the obvious pressure to blog, due to it's popularity, I've had a lot of blogging ideas the past few weeks with no where to put them! So here you go world! I would like to begin by explaining my blog, and giving you a few sardonic thoughts on the subject of the moments passed.

This blog is dedicated to the funny moments, The one's that make me think, the ones that challenge me, the moments that define my day, etc.

Here we go!