Wednesday, July 2, 2008

:: aaand YOU'RE done... ::

:: the wind-up ::
ever had that on of those moments... the real funny ones that you so desperately want to share with someone? Of course you have, so you do the whole head-thrown-back-in-laughter right into the quick-look-around, face frozen in a giant smile, for a receiving pair of eyes that just experienced the same moment??

yes. i have them often and yet, somehow, i rarely find those eyes.

:: the explanation ::
Instead, you meet a pair of eyes looking at you like you're making a weird face at them [ok, so those are common with laughter] and it's as if they've never seen you before [maybe because you're making such a weird face.]
...and you try to explain. Everyone does it. You start out in the stage of a mumbled mess of words in between chuckles, then it dies down into a fading smile and a quiet voice, until you finally cough to suppress the gargling sound coming from your mouth- and look the other way.

:: the moment has passed ::
aka:: "retreat"
you failed. now they're confused. lately i've decided it's just too much work to explain; because if you do, it BETTER be funny. it's not even funny by now. I like to resort to the slight smile, the quick wave of the hand, and the change of subject.

aaand you're done.

..thank goodness that moment has passed.


Brenda said...

HaHa! Yesss! I just had one of "those moments" reading your blog... LOL..still laughing... and now I must move on. awesome!

SimplyGrove said...

So funny!!! Im glad the incredible writer meagan has decided to grace us with a blog, FINALLY!!

JML said...

You know Meag, our blog names are based off the same idea. Mine is about having a comeback when it's WAY too late. So unfortunate.

naphtali said...

lol. you are so right! haha. nicely written too! love you sis.