Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aaat last...

The day has come when I drive up to the Starbucks drive through and the Barista says "Hi! Don't you get a chai?!"

I wasn't quite sure whether to be pleasantly surprised or finally conclude that Chai and I have become a little too close. hmmm.
NEXT time I'll mix it up and get a Carmel Apple Cider...
That'll really throw them off.....!?


Anonymous said...

haha aw they know you well!

or you can come up with an extremely long order and just throw it in there one of these days :)

Jillian said...

characteristics of chai
1) a deceiving drink because it's not coffee yet looks like coffee
2) it's healthy
3) it's full of spice-sometimes more than others
4) a wonderful alternative to coffee-hot or cold

characteristics of meg
1) a lil deceiving because she looks all sweet (and is) but there is a tough side of her that comes out here and there
2) she's healthy-physically and spiritually-really if you need a spiritual friend to keep you healthy, she's the one
3) she has some spice in her too-some days more than others (this goes along with #1)
4) well, she is just wonderful! She is usually more on the cold side and loves the heat!

.:meagan.rae:. said...

Lyndsay- haha the ONLY problem, is that i don't like coffee?? so.. hmm.. i would have to REALLY amp up my chai.
"Grande, 1%, 2 pump vanilla, 130 degrees, no water chai, with whip and cinnamon sprinkled on top"

hmmm :)

.:meagan.rae:. said...

Jill! HAHAHA that made me laugh!!! oh man, hahahaha you put alot of thought into that! and you COMMENTED!!! WHOOO hoo! :) love ya

JML said...

You should be embarrassed. Cody, that one guy, wants to make a wall with all of our "regulars" with their drinks on it, I'll make sure that you get up there first. :) I'm mostly kidding, at least you're not a repeat offender, in there more than once a day, unlike SOME people we know! :)

.:meagan.rae:. said...


haha "repeat offenders"

Oooh BW.

Dan said...

First off i would like to say that your are in that starbucks Cult! second those drinks are all gross. that apple cider is sick, well at least the east coast ones are. go with hot chocolate, or vanilla late. then again water is always good. but i guess everyone is entitled to their own opinions.