Thursday, May 28, 2009

Arms Open Wide

In a state of perfected surrender
God would see my soul as a myriad of
beautiful works and miracles. He would see a self-emptied, available
soul, ready to reflect the will & Kingdom of Christ. Surrendered to
the kingdom; He sees a soul full of worship & melodies from heaven. He
sees the fruit of a college ministry bursting at the seams, He sees a
confident, bold disciple secure in the timing & work of Christ. He
sees the faces of souls rejoicing in the salvation they've found &
walking in dynamic destiny.
A direct reflection of the operating work of Christ: errupting hope,
explosive joy, irreplaceable peace.

I had an encounter with Jesus tonight. Sitting in my room I was thinking about the
recent messages of Christ Follower and Navigate and I had to come face
to face with the fact that I haven't trusted God in EVERYTHING to be
who He has told me He is. Out of not understanding, or disobedience I've been putting MY words in Gods mouth.

There was a moment, sitting in my room when all the noise of my
thoughts was silenced by this song softly in the background...."Arms Open Wide" by Hillsong United. It was at the part where they are singing "have your way".

Starting the song over and putting it on repeat; I just got this picture of the movie of my life...Jesus walking right along side me; running with me when i was running, and then those other times carrying me through the tough stuff...but just smiling
through everything, through all of it- because He knows the end. and it's GOOD.

So tonight God was saying something like this:
"I want to do so much more in you, and through you-but...let me empty
you, even of some good things. Let me do it."

Man, I wanna see the day when a whole generation is totally abandoned to that!

So give it all; just trust. God is let him be good. Let Him be God.



JB said...

love you words, i live for those moments with God, and pray your fire is you!

katie henbest said...

have a beautiful heart and are truly an inspiration to me!

katie henbest said...

whoops...YOU have...

The Way I See It said...

Scratch what I said earlier, I did read this! Muy bien!