Saturday, September 27, 2008

The very first test

This morning was a school morning as usual. Yes, check your google calendar, it is Saturday. I, in my brilliance, enrolled in a Saturday Philosophy class from 8am-11am. While I really enjoy school, the Saturday thing seems to be throwing off my groove. Granted it is my ONLY class at BSU this semester, so I can't complain. However, I decided that it's actually HARDER only having one class because during my week I'm thinking more about work, church, etc than my "one class." Then there is the fact that a Saturday class ALMOST eliminates any "weekend study," because after class is over at 11am, I either accidentally fall asleep again or head to work, or ok I just don't feel like doing the homework right away; and Sunday study is even more so like pulling my own teeth. All those things I need to get over; this is fact.

TODAY was my very first test as a college girl. Philosophy 101. Aquinas, Anselm, Pascal, Hume, Perry and Leibniz put me to the test. I gladly accept this challenge because so much of their thought has shaped culture's view about God. OoOh how I'd like to talk to these Philosophers face to face :)

Anyways, I kind of like test days. Outta there in an hour flat rather than 3. It IS always a crazy thought that an hour of my time (after HOURS of reading and studing) effects SO much of my grade. Hmm, I feel a spiritual analogy coming on...

Here's to test days!


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