Thursday, December 4, 2008

Down memory lane...

I was organizing documents in my computer when I came across a paper I wrote last year for an Intern assignment. I barely remember writing it!

What was cool about reading through this paper, was that it relates so much to the sermon series right now! "DO!" The assignment was to literally DO several "random acts of kindness" to total strangers. My fav memory of a random act I did was writing a sticky note that said something like...

" i don't know your name, or your life story- but i do know Jesus loves you and has a plan for you"

...going to my local bank drive through, sticking the note in the tube, and driving off. :) maybe not the SMARTEST random act being a bank and all; but fun none-the-less.

In honor of literary memory lane, and because I've been very bad at blogging lately, here are some excerpts.
( i realize 98% of readers will leave my blog at the sight of such a long post, but oh well) :)
:::::::::::::::::::::::::: "Kindness" ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

"As was said in an old Irish Proverb, “A kind word never broke anyone’s mouth.” In the same sense it is true that a smile never truly “cracks”, and at least in my experience a simple “hello” has yet to instigate personal bodily injury. So why then does it seem almost a sub culture for anyone to truly confess ownership of these so called “random acts of kindness”? While business and the monotony of everyday life can seem a good excuse, as Christians this is not so. Kindness is not an action but a quality of man’s character. The action of kindness is birthed when the reality of Christ-like behavior is conceived. Christ was not restricted by time or convenience or degree of relationship with others; His character was inherently kind.

Our time is very valuable; there is no doubt about that. Yet we compartmentalize our time into categories of “work” and “leisure” and “ministry.” We put on our work hat, busy with schedules and paper trails. When it comes to leisure, we would rather keep that personal and sacred. When ministry time finally comes around we almost have to switch gears in our minds to accommodate the now visible need rather than recognizing that our ministry is through our relationship with our Father

“Not our will but yours be done.” If our hearts cry truly is that Christ would dwell inside of us with close intimacy, how can we justify the fabrication of terms and conditions so that His purpose fits within our time constraints? This negates the influence our kindness possesses.

I can admit that I am quite good at randomly being kind to the people that I know and have a close relationship with. When I was pondering this assignment I thought about how challenging it was to consciously make an effort to be kind to people I do not know at all. We must have a willingness to acknowledge a stranger. Matt 8:1-4

As I seek to develop the character of kindness, I am reminded that in my training and until my perfection in heaven, I am representing the Lord Jesus, the perfect example of kindness. Jesus was one who was not hindered by ethnic and cultural prejudice and who sought out opportunity."


I'm challenged! AGAIN!


Anonymous said...

meg this is fantastic. and so beautifully written :)
what an amazing challenge!

Dustin said...

wow, that is seriously a great post. one of my faves. I would have to say for sure it goes along with the "DO" series. This whole week I haven't been able to get this quote from P Krist out of my head..."We need to take our inconveniences and turn them into opportunities to show the extravagant love of God."

Sometimes we get into that mode where we come in and go out. This is something I heard while listening to Edwin Cole preach. We are constantly going in and leaving something. The bedroom to the bathroom, the bathroom to the bedroom, the house to church, the church to a restaurant, and so on and so forth. I think we tend to still do that. We feel we have to change our mode from ministry to life, from life to work, etc.

I love how you pointed out that Christ wasn't restricted by time or convenience. He just was....kind. That is such a huge challenge! Keep these coming!!! :)

Danno said...

Meg this one is really good. I love how you bring up the fact that most people find themselves compartmentalizing there time, and how by the time they have to switch to ministry, they almost have to switch gears.

Kindness is something that should come out of us naturally, but some find it hard just saying hello to someone they don't know, or to simply smile...

I guess another question is if Christ is really inside of you, why aren't you kind? It should be radiant...

AS Judah would say, "You call yourself a Christian, and you act like that?"

Great Post

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Amen! Beautifully put Meg! You are so right, this goes right along with the "DO" series. What an enlightening great series it has been.
A simple act of kindness can open so many doors. Besides, as Christians, aren't we suppose to be Christ like? Kindness is a part of that.
God Bless You

~ Jess ~ said...

Totally true...well said! It's interesting how old papers tend to relate to current situations ;) Very cool!!

.:meagan.rae:. said...

thanks Lynds! :) love ya


.:meagan.rae:. said...

wow, yeah, that's really good about "going in and leaving something"! :)

This DO series is so good; and fundamentally practical and challenging for sure!

.:meagan.rae:. said...

@danno @Omah's Helping Hands
Great point, we ARE Christ to the world, and even IN the eyes of the World we are supposed to be. So when we aren't christ-like, that IS christ to them.



.:meagan.rae:. said...

Thanks Jess! I know, it was really funny to me how relevant is was to RIGHT now, YET again, God's word is ALWAYS relevant- so is Jesus :)


Kenrick said...

can't believe you wrote a post with the title "Memory Lane" and didn't talk about FAITH HEIGHTS!!!!!

and i didn't leave your blog when i saw how long it was, i just skipped the paper =]

.:meagan.rae:. said...

Oh gosh, haha YOU should blog about Faith Heights; pretty sure you remember the most about it