Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blogging? What's Blogging??

? Oh right, that thing I do to keep no one, and every one up to date on my life and my random theological thoughts.

Yes, I've been MIA: so to give no one, and every one a quick update on my life- I've decided to post some pics.

So since my last post, I turned 21:

and you would think i had a pic of that. but i don't

Had my knees drained!
Before picture:

NO need for an after picture of my whiteness. Just PRAISE Jesus they are back to almost better than normal :)

I got a puppy!!!

His name is Jazz, He's great, I think I'll keep him. and yes...he is tiny...i realize this :)

This is Jazz and Grizz, they have matching sweaters.

more from me to come!


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vik said...

heeeey i listened "unfailing love"... God... was awesome..... hope God use your life more and more for His Glory.... take care :D