Monday, August 4, 2008


Hi, my name is Meagan...and I have old clothes.


In unison: "Hi Meagan."

Thank you, thank you for the warm welcome.

I just left the proverbial "nest" and am settling into my newly found home. You know, the kind where it's not free and you realize it doesn't come with food. Well, today I set out to sell some really old clothes, that i haven't worn in literally... years. Not really FOR the money but hey, if you're gonna get rid of it you might as well make a profit! I dropped the clothes off for a few hours while they sifted through to pick and choose. And then i made the call...

me:: "Hi! I'm just checking on the clothes i dropped off earlier this afternoon! The name is Meagan."

Plato:: "Hey Meagan, well it looks like you had some really great stuff, but we had to pass on alot of it because it was more then 18 months out-of-style and a few items had holes. But it looks like we can give you four eighty for a few of the items."

me:: "Oooh. awesome....? "

Four eighty? did she just say four eighty? Like $480.00?? did Jesus multiply the clothes? Did he give me supernatural favor?? Was i REALLY that stylish of a 15 year old????

no no... not quite. more like "$4.80-here-go-get-a-starbucks."
i like starbucks. it's all good.

oh well...needless to say me and my large white plastic garbage bag of brand name rejected clothes and $4.80 took the "Plato's closet walk of rejection." Out the door, and past the employees in their "gently used brand name" wardrobes.

:) //meg


..lyndsay renee..: said...

oh meg, i love the way you tell stories
this made my day :)

Dustin said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! That is completely deserve at least $50 for ALL of the clothes I'm sure. But hey starbucks is good. :)

Tracy Wilde said...

i am laughing so hard right now!! that is maybe the funniest story of the summer. it truly blessed me. please, please tell it to me in person soon... you and your clothes are worth far more the $4.80 to me megalicious. love you.

naphtali said...

lol. that's the best story ever! hahaha. plato's closet...hmm. you should definitely head to another location! hope the starbucks was good!!

Keila said...

honestly this might be the funniest story i've ever heard you tell!! I really was laughing LOUDLY in my office reading it!! I even knew the story and was still laughing!! haha

SimplyGrove said...

Meagy, I just want you to know that this is the funniest story EVER and that my love for you just grew reading this!!! Thank you for that wonderful laugh and I think you are worth more then a BILLION dollars my dear!!!!!!!

Mark said...

Meggy, You are a genius. Brilliantly put. You are a great writer and I believe writing books is a part of Gods game plan for your life. Rachelle and I are laughing on our couch. We are proud of you.

::{J}:: said...

Ha ha, you're so funny! Good luck on your're absolutely right about the food-not-included part! I HATE grocery shopping!

Jmae said...

I SO feel your pain. It's the only way I even afford to buy new clothes! Try Second Avenue in Eagle. They are a bit better. Make sure to check all your stuff first for the smallest of holes or stains-consigners are SO snooty-and when they find even 1? They begin to think that you have issues, and might not be worty of selling to them! What a load of crap though right? lol
Good luck! You can always try craigslist as well!

rachelle said...

Oh, Meggy...I love you so much! You made me laugh so hard. :)