Thursday, August 21, 2008

[Chicken buzz]

Yep, I said it. CHICKEN-buzz. I also call it a Chicken 'hangover', none the less, it's real. For me at least.

I am 'allergic' to chicken.
Yep, I said that too. 'Allergic'. As in... when I eat it I get a bad headache either 5 min after eating it or the next day! Weird, right? I know!

BASICALLY and simply, because of my blood type, when I eat chicken my blood reacts to a protein in chicken; and it thickens my blood causing a headache.

Do you you know your blood type?? It's actually a wonderful piece of information to obtain and learn from! I never knew my blood type until about 6 months ago and it wasn't until I started noticing certain health patterns connected to my eating that I even paid attention, really! My mom and I have the same blood type (which, if you have studied Biology at all, is not all that common!) We are both B Negative. We both get headaches from chicken, aspartame, MSG and various random things like, some cheeses. :)

If you've never checked out the book "Eat Right for Your Type" you should stop by the local bookstore and take a look! It's actually crazy how accurate it is! I don't LIVE by it, persay, but I have DEFINITELY benifited from knowing what foods react with my blood type!

Click HERE for a general overview of blood types:: check it out!



Anonymous said...

my fav part of this post is the dancing chicken picture at the top!! hahahahaha =D

Brenda said...

ugh! sad but true-I know. I miss chicken. For type B's Our beneficial meats are lamb, mutton, rabbit, liver, turkey, pheasant. Turkey is fine, but it can't replace chicken. Turkey hot wings for a football party?? seriously? lamb is O-K, if it's prepared right, but I think we eat that once every 5 years. Mutton? Rabbit? LIVER?! (NEVER) Who eats that? eeww! Chicken--I miss you...

.:meagan.rae:. said...

brenda(aka mom)
I know, I've never once thought of eating a rabbit. or it's liver. i miss chicken too, we'll start a small group/support group hehe

Thanks! haha. I had fun looking for this chicken pic. I ALMOST chose a pic of a small chick in a hamburger bun. I figured the cartoon would evoke more happy thoughts.


naphtali said...

i really want to read this book! i'm so interested. bad thing is, i can't remember my type! hmm. not good.

JML said...

You know who else has that problem? Steve Nakamura. He gets really bad chicken-aches the entire next day after eating it. How do I know this? I don't know, I just do. What book is this? I'm o-negative, (So ironic) so what should I eat? I like everything! :)

.:meagan.rae:. said...

naphtali... not to worry, you should be able to call your physician and ask them to look it up in your records!!!!! :)


.:meagan.rae:. said...

the book is linked on this post "eat right 4 your type" .. it really is fascinating! i don't remember what o-negative should eat but you should look it up! :)


Brenda said...

Well, jml, since you asked:: according to my book, "Blood Type O is the oldest blood type in the world and is traced back to CroMagnon man"--well, you get the jist. YOU....HUNTER...GATHER-ER..
which just happens to mean that you thrive on a high protein/high fat/low carb diet.. mmmhhmm-- that's right! Says that kind of diet combined with constant physical exercise makes for a "lean, mean hunting machine." I don't make this stuff up! It's what the book says...just cause you asked. :-)