Wednesday, August 20, 2008

puppy borroweR (s)

This is 6:22 am...

This is Agassi...on our adventure to Starbucks before work...

[Look at his sweet lil face!]

This morning (at 6:22am) I woke to a knock at my front door. Well, there's a possibility that it was several knocks, but I am SUCH a hard sleeper that I really don't know.

Anyways, I eventually stumbled to the front door (sorry Trace). I opened the door to beautiful Tracy and VERY excited-about-life-&-morning Agassi :) Me and my roommates (Keila and Stephanie) are puppy sitting for a week; HOWEVER this morning it was just me...but that's a minor detail.

I've personally ALWAYS wanted a little puppy to call my own. Perhaps a Yorkie, or a Malti-poo like Agsters; and this week I feel like I'm on some version of "Baby Borrowers." This morning it was more like Puppy BorroweR. (singular) but the (s) will come... (right roomies?) :)

It's like having a child! Up early, feed, monitor-while-outside, pack up all his belongings for a day at the office; but I really love the lil pooch. We'll have a good week. Look forward to pics of our adventures with Agassi!



Anonymous said...

that picture of him is so stinkin cute... i think i am going to go find him right after i get done writing this! haha

and don't you worry your sweet little head..... i will help puppy sit!! =)

there was just no way in heck i was getting up at 630 this morning!! haha

Tracy Wilde said...

Thanks so much Megalicious!! i knew you'd be the sweet, considerate, and responsible one and take care of my poochie pooch. Interesting...since Stephy is the one who wanted to watch him so desperately. ;)

hope he's been on his best behavior!

Love the pic...classic Agassi in the morning.

Brenda said...

aahh! how cute is agassi--and how responsible are you! Knowing your inherited "tolerance" of mornings, I must say I am very proud of you!