Thursday, August 14, 2008

the blog clog

So I've discovered something about blogging. Sometimes it's really difficult to keep up with my thoughts! I've literally had 3 or 4 ideas to blog about in the past week, but they just keep piling up without action.

And when I DO sit down to blog, I discover that all my thoughts are clogged.

I need a blogging cleanse. Do they have those Abbreviator?

HOWEVER! I'm cracking down, so to all those who subscribe, I apologize for the influx of posts. :)



Dustin said...

so what you are saying is you had blogstipation? that's blog-constipation! :)

Keila said...

Blog Clog!!! that is perfect!! I totally have been going through blog clog for like the last week!!

haha you're so funny!

Marcus Hackler said...

Brilliant. The influx of posts is good though!

please sir said...

I know what you mean! Sometimes it helps to keep a notebook of thoughts or use Google notebook to write your ideas and access online.