Friday, August 29, 2008

Analyze much?

My bestest friend and roomie Keila (who has a rad blog BTW) once told me that I analyze everything.


Some of you are are laughing already because you know this to be true; but oddly enough I didn't REALLY know I analyzed in an abnormally intense way until Keila "tested" me.

One day we had been kinda talking about how I analyze things until they can be analyzed no more and I believe I was being stubborn (what?! stubborn?!) and refuting the idea that it was abnormal...


My answer, without even thinking about it, was ::

"Hmm, well. I don't really have a favorite color. Well ok, I used to like purple but UGH I painted my room ALL purple once and now I can't stand the color purple. I sorta like green. And I sorta like blue! Well, I don't really like GREEN-green, or BLUE, blue. I actually really like... like a greenish-blue.

so like...TEAL! yeah, I like teal."

this was normal to me. and Keila just started laughing.

Point proven. (thanks Keiks for shedding light for me) :)



Anonymous said...

honestly I laugh every time I hear or thing about this story!
You forgot to mention how even though i was intentionally testing you... I was still blown away by the extent of your answer! I just sat there with my mouth open!!

oh meg! So funny!

love you tons!!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm im not sure why 2 of the same comment went up there!! hahaha

sowy... you should delete one of them! =)

Brenda said...

oh Meg! That is entirely too funny! I wonder??? Where did you get that trait? I could be from your Dad--you know, his past and present jobs have really required this analytical approach to problem solving. BUT--hmm-maybe--you got it from your mom. I'm not really sure! Let me think about it for a while.

naphtali said...

First of all, I LOVE THIS STORY. Can I be the annoying commenter and share mine? {I do this to prove that, yes - we are truly sisters.}

About a month ago my husband asked me, "what's your favorite color"...I responded: "well, it depends. Are you talking about decor, clothes, cars, food???" He just started laughing, {because I analyze too much and just don't have a fave color.}

Fast forward 2 weeks. At the ocean with my whole family. Anthony was with my dad or something. My mom starts to tell me how she spoke with Anthony's mom recently...APARENTLY...She had asked him: "What's Naphtali's favorite color?" He replied, "Well, I don't depends." She then proceeded to say, "How can you NOT know your wife's favorite color????" He felt bad.

Turns out, after Anthony's conversation with his mom, he asked me. I replied to him, just as what he had said to him mom.

Haha - I wondered why he was asking me that! Turns out, my husband knows me VERY well. :)